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    EJOWELD® Pace Award

    EJOT Fastening Systems LP was named a 2020 Automotive News PACE Award winner at an awards ceremony on April 28.

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    EJOT Micro Screws

     Maximum performance in minimal installation space. 

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    Cell PT®

    The thread-coining screw for microcellular foamed thermoplastics. 

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    The original for reliable thin sheet metal joints with pilot hole. 

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    The flow-drill screw for high-strength joints in sheet metals. 

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    Innovative joining technology for the automotive hybrid and lightweight construction. 

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    Flexibility and cost reduction with multi-stage forming at EJOT. 

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    EVO PT®

    The evolution of direct fastening into plastics. 

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    ALtracs® Plus

    The selftapping fastener for light alloys.

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    ALtra CALC®

    Engineering support for direct fastening in light metal.

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    Individual design engineering assistance with EJOT DELTA CALC®.

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    Predictable direct assembly in plastic materials. 

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    Technically clean fasteners from EJOT.

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