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Dear partners of the EJOT Group,

I am delighted that this issue of our magazine moment includes not only the 2018 Annual Report, but another special cover story that has a lot to do with the self-image as well as the development of our Group over the past four decades. The history of direct fastening into plastics is essential for the EJOT Group. A success story, which is strongly influenced by EJOT and which has been one of the main reasons for the dynamic development of our company.

Why did we focus on this topic? Well, the EJOT story began with the development of the PT® screw in 1977. Our technical director at the time, Hermann Großberndt, registered the screw with the German Patent Office. The special thread profile of the screw made it possible - with the right choice of boss geometry and the use of adequate fastening tools - for the first time, to create a securely removeable connection by direct fastening. Costly threaded inserts were now mostly unnecessary.

Twenty years later, the next generation of EJOT fasteners for plastic was launched: the DELTA PT®. Even more robust and also suitable for highly reinforced thermoplastics and, for the first time, with a calculation program to enable clamp load oriented design. Now the third generation of EJOT fasteners for plastic is being launched, the EVO PT®. EVO stands for evolution, ie the further improvement of hardware (“screw”) and software (“calculation program”). This shortens the development and verification phases to a new level and creates safety, also for “downsizing” or “slimming-down” of the connection. This combination of product and service is unique in the the field of plastic fasteners and it is fitting for our time.

Do you have any suggestions? Criticism or feedback? We are looking forward to it. Please talk to our employees or write to us (moment@ejot.de).

Kind regards

Christian F. Kocherscheidt
Managing Director
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